Mens Ministry



Led by Associate Pastor Joseph Martinez

We appreciate you visiting our Men's Ministry page and are very excited to get to know you and your family!  The goal of the Men's Ministry is to make all the men feel like part of the family - both the family of God and of our particular Church family in Peshtigo!

The ministry is made up of men with a wide variety of ages, interests, backgrounds and talents.  One common thing among each man is the love for Jesus Christ and His Word.


Men's Meeting

Contact Associate Pastor Joseph Martinez for more information.

We get together once a month on the third Thursday for an informal meeting or activity.  Our meetings typically take place at the Church and consist of prayer, discussion, teaching, singing and eating.  This time together helps edify, exhort, encourage and teach us to become the men God expects us to be and that this world needs us to be.

As men, we need to be the spiritual heads of our families and to be the salt and light of our town and workplace.  We have seen the Lord do some great thing during our meetings together.

Some of the past lesson or topics have been:

1.  Overcoming Our Limitations

2.  Have No Confidence in the Flesh!

3.  Hell...Fact or Fiction?

4.  Putting Life into Perspective!

5. Does God Speak to Us?

I would like to encourage you to become a part of the Men's Group at our Church and to develop friendships that can last a lifetime and into eternity with the Lord.